Municipal Inspections

Properties must also conform to local municipal code and if any issues are found regarding the current condition of the property or there are outstanding permits on the real estate, those issues must be resolved just as a title report must be cleared. A municipal code requirement is something that needs to be repaired but not just repaired but repaired by a licensed contractor. The city inspector’s office will have a list of any repairs that were made to the property as well as the nature of the repairs.
Pulled permits need to be verified by the city that the work was done properly and within municipal guidelines. Common repairs and improvements needing a permit include plumbing, siding, water and gas meters, decks, sidewalks, porches and garages. The list is sizable and if there are any improvements that were made to the home and permits were not properly pulled, the work must be inspected and certified as complied. Is the square footage much greater than what is listed in the county register? Then it’s likely the owners added on to the property without getting proper permits pulled. Again, such repairs are to be made by licensed contractors.